Coffee: the elixir of life

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Coffee: the elixir of life

This post is titled a homage to the great radio / dj Domenico Gato (@ domenico97fm) where in the program Estádio 97, of the radio Energy 97fm, says that coffee is the elixir of life.

Before it starts, and until about 3 years ago was not a fan, why is this plant so embedded in our daily lives? The answer is simple: coffee has a strong cultural aspect of uniting the human being in a face-to-face interaction, in which no social network can do the same, simple as that.

It would be easy to start by talking about its millennial history (just read on wikepedia or any good book or blog), but the idea of the post is to show the power of empathy that exists in the cafe. To show the power he has over us and to bring people together in a simple meeting, to close deals or even to bring together separate couples.

A few days ago I saw a very interesting article talking about how there are professionals, from different areas, working in coffee shops and how coworking in these environments work well. Coffee goes far beyond its benefits (already proven by medicine) in our body, for those who drink brings a climate of excitement and greater concentration, increasing the energy in our body to do some activity.

Another interesting point is that by taking a single cup our surroundings become so intimidated and connected that we feel the need to open our vision and expand to the point of understanding the next one who is next to us or dividing that moment.

That’s why empathy at this moment increases within us in a way that is like a rocket taking off toward the universe to explore it. We feel exactly like that and why coffee has always been a social event. At this point we are more willing to listen to the next, to help solve a problem or even to laugh in a banal conversation. Coffee passes the barrier of being just a “turbo” to stay awake or go do the exercise.

I repair well in any cafeteria after lunch or simply in an afternoon coffee, with that piece of cake well done, as people are: laughing or enthusiastic! We do not see sad people drinking coffee! It is very interesting how much a person understands, learns or even resolves situations when he is concentrating and taking that warm coffee bean. Sounds like something out of the ordinary.

That is why there are only benefits in taking this delicacy of our culture. Enjoy every sip of your morning coffee or a simple afternoon coffee with your work colleagues.

Now, shall we have some coffee?


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