The Forbidden Word of the Day: Education

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The Forbidden Word of the Day: Education

You’re at Michaelis, you can not not know:

1 Act or effect of educating. 2 Improvement of the physical and moral faculties of the human being; Disciplining, education, teaching. 3 Process by which a function is developed and perfected by the exercise itself: Music education, professional, etc.

It may seem annoying, but it is something that today does an incredible lack anywhere we are or frequent. Something that must be (pre) universal requirement of people, has become something so banal and normal these days as drinking a glass of water.

This “virtue” is long regarded as the basis of human formation, but as things have been growing and evolving (in fact it is involu- tioning) has been lost in time / space, where everything has to be for yesterday and terms that Pass people / situations to achieve our goals.

Nothing more banal and normal than giving a “Good morning!”, “Hello” or simply when someone opens the door you say “Thank you”, but this is seen by people as something eschatological, logical that there are limits to not extrapolate the line Of being “too educated”, but we can in small actions do the best for the next and for ourselves by table, just want.

To be educated is to: evolve the soul and the being, making things flow in your life naturally and even faster, but the human being in the face of the loss of their main values vague incessantly for something that is his by nature.

Of course our influence (and a lot) of how we act but if we have a good base, which involves the family mainly, we are able to discern and thus become a world with a better coexistence among people.

Maybe someday mankind will come back to see itself and see that being educated is respecting ourselves!


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